The modern way to rent properties

Posted on March 25, 2021

Life is being made easier by technology. If you wanted a takeaway only a few years ago, you’d have probably had to find a menu leaflet, call up the number and hope the phone lines weren’t too busy. These days, it’s a simple case of reaching for your phone, opening the Just Eat app, tapping a couple of times, and your delivery will immediately be on its way. The same goes for taxis. Now, instead of booking in advance or testing your luck hailing a cab, you simply swipe away and an Uber taxi will be with you in minutes.

An upgrade to the lettings market

Until now, property renting for tenants and property letting for landlords has often been a difficult and time-consuming process. Not any more. Shackoo is a brand new modern property management company, created with the aim of doing for property what Just Eat and Uber have done for takeaway services and catching a ride.

Shackoo provides a range of online services which make it easier for tenants to find their own pad and for landlords to rent out the properties in their portfolios. Shackoo is the modern way of renting and letting; fast, convenient and all right there at your fingertips.

Swipe to a happier place

Shackoo is a digital-only property rental and letting agency, which is far more convenient than the old and outdated bricks and mortar establishments. Our aim is to shake up the way renting and lettings are done, by giving both landlords and tenants a chance to come together and find what they need.

Whether you’re a tenant on the lookout for your dream home or a landlord with a property to let out, Shackoo is the UK’s premier online property market expert. Simply download the app and start swiping to find your happy place. We have a range of exciting new properties available and there are always more being uploaded every single day. Forget about doing property in the traditional way; with Shackoo, you’re entering the modern world of property and once you’re with us, you’ll never look back.