Complaints Procedure

Bringing a complaint to us is straightforward and won’t cost you anything.

We hope you are happy with the service we provided but in the event that you are not please following this process to raise an issue with us. By doing it this way, you are ensuring you complaint is documented and traceable within our system.

Step 1

To bring a complaint to us you can:- email us at or,- write to use at: Complaints, Shackoo Ltd, 2 South Parade, Bawtry, South Yorkshire, DN10 6JH.

Please share with us any information you feel is relevant to your complaint so that we can make an initial investigation and propose a resolution.

We will endeavour to resolve your complaint as a matter of urgency and will, in any event, update you on the outcome of any investigation within 3 working days from the day after we receive your initial complaint.

Step 2

If you are unhappy with the outcome of our initial investigation and/or proposed resolution you can escalate your complaint for a secondary investigation.

In this event we will consider your feedback in regards to why you are unhappy with our initial investigation and proposed resolution and try to reach an amicable resolution within 14 days from the day after the day you inform us you are not satisfied with the outcome of our initial investigation.

Step 3

If after having completed steps 1 and 2 we have been unable to provide a satisfactory outcome, we would refer you complaint to either:The Property Redress Scheme (website) or,

  • The Property Redress Scheme (website) or,
  • the UKALA (website) or,
  • our Professional Indemnity Insurance provider (website),

for them to oversee additional steps to resolve the outstanding issue(s).