We Make
Renting Easy



Shackoo makes renting your next home easy by keeping all the important stuff you need in one place and allowing you to report any problems and communicate directly with your landlord. Best of all, it’s totally free for tenats to use!

Why use Shackoo?

Property Finding

Browse all of our properties on Zoopla, Prime Location, Shackoo or Social Media.

Easy Application

Once you’ve viewed a property you like you can apply online in just a few clicks.

Dynamic Contracts

Shackoo Tenancy Agreements are created dynamically and signed digitally.

Deposit Handling

Shackoo handles the deposit collection & allocation process in partnership with DPS.

Rent Collection

Shackoo automatically collects rent by Direct Debit so there’s no worry of forgetting to make payments.

Report Any Problems

If there’s a problem, use Shackoo to report it directly to your landlord and they can easily schedule the repair.

Communication Portal

Keep all your chat logs in one central place for easy tracking and quick look up when you need it.

Document Storage

Keep each properties important documents in one place for easy access when you need them.

Take Away The Stress of Renting!

“Shackoo is designed to take away all of the mundane aspects of manging your tenancy so you can get on with living your life. All your important documents and information are kept in one place so you have them whenever you need them…”

James Jones - Doncaster, UK

Tenant FAQs

What is Shackoo?
How much does Shackoo cost?
What is the benefit to me to use Shackoo?
Who collects the rent and how is it collected?
Who has access to my data?
Does Shackoo have branches?